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Rural Western Montana is an "economic diamond in the rough"!

Western Montana  advantages that urban/suburban areas lack:
  1. Rural lifestyle largely free from urban/suburban "rat race"
  2. Ample and affordable high quality recreation opportunities on public lands and waters.
  3. Affordable energy
  4. Motivated, highly productive, cost effective and available work force.
  5. Adequate transportation infrastructure, including highways, rail lines and airports.
  6. Competitive education system at primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Short Term - Create 15 Jobs
The Montana West Project will train and employ 15 Native Americans in the constructions phase of the project on the Blackfeet and Flathead Reservations.
  • Gain Valuable Skills in installation and operation of Internet Protocol Ethernet based fiber optic networks.
  • Long term employment opportunities likely with growth of the fiber optic field.

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